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Here are some photos of Actress JaNae Armogan on set for the TV series The Detail which can be seen on CTV in Canada and will be airing in the U.S. in September. 


JaNae Armogan had the honor in working with Graphic Designer/Illustrator Mark Stoddart a.k.a LIWI68 "LIVE IT WEAR IT 1968".  Originally from Nottingham, UK. Mr. Stoddart artwork on paper and on clothing combines a passion for music and sports with a spirit social activism and commitment to educate, empower and unite. 

His Slogan "LIVE IT WEAR IT" has brought him a lot of Positive attention and has opened minds to a lot of people in being themselves, loving each other and bringing people together in a positive way.

you can see more of his work on his website and Instagram



Don't miss the opportunity to be apart of history and embrace what he is showing the world

Congratulations to The Butler Brothers
The Film The First Round Down
can now be seen on the Super Channel
starting September 3rd - October 3rd 2017
Please check the link below for Scheduled times

The First Round Down Times


Up Close and Personal Interview with Actress
JaNae Armogan 

Congratulations to Actress JaNae Armogan for booking a Reoccurring Role in The New TV Series The Detail starring Wendy Crewson coming out 2018

Congratulations to Actress JaNae Armogan for booking a part in the Feature film Code 8  starring Stephan Amell, Robbie Amell, and Sung Kang coming soon in 2018

Congratulations to the Writers and Directors for the Canadian film The First Round Down, Being #1 at the Carlton Cinema for the weekend/week the Cinema as extended the film's time in theatres till May 18th, 2017.

Toronto Premiere for the feature film The First Round Down

JaNae Armogan, Tess Degenstein and writer, directors Jason and Brett Bulter attended along with fellow cast and crew,

There was a Q & A after the film along with a meet and greet 

First look at Actress JaNae Armogan on set for the Film
The First Round Down

The First Round Down Trailer

 Congratulations to Actress JaNae Armogan

The Feature film "The First Round Down" is officially in theatres in Toronto Canada at Imagine Cinemas at the Carlton Cinema

May 5th - 11th

The Good Witch, coming April 2017 

On set The Good Witch

Here is your first look at an Interview Actress JaNae Armogan did for an online magazine called "The Good Read Magazine" with interviewer Micheal Reid.  JaNae gets up close and personal about her career, the pain of loss & how she views life after the passing of her father.

Click the link to read: http://bit.ly/2kio2Et 

you can also subscribe to the magazine 

@ www.goodreadmag.com 


Set in the near future where incorporations have unlimited power, This gripping drama follows Ben Larson, A young executive who conceals his true identity to infiltrate a dangerous corporate world to save the woman he loves.  However, he soon learns that he is not the only one whose secrets may have deadly consequences.

CONGRATULATIONS to JaNae Armogan for booking a Reoccurring Role on the TV series The Good Witch

JaNae Armogan in the TV series INCORPORATED airs November 30th 2016 on SYFY

JaNae Armogan's episode of THE GOOD WITCH Airs October 31, 2016 on the W Channel

Designated Survivor airs September 21, 2016 on ABC network

Congratulations to Actress JaNae Armogan for booking a role in the TV Series: The Good Witch

Here is your first look at the trailer for the TV series
Designated Survivor

Congratulations to JaNae Armogan for booking a role in the TV series
Four in the Morning

Congratulations to JaNae Armogan for booking a role in the CW Pilot


Congratulations to JaNae Armogan for booking a role on the TV series
Designated Survivor
Starring Kiefer Sutherland

Here is a look at a Fight Sequence JaNae Armogan did go to Demo Reels

Congratulations to JaNae Armogan for booking a part in the feature film 

By Directors Jason and Brett Butler

Congratulations to Actress JaNae Armogan for booking a part in the pilot

by Directors Alex and David Pastor

Actress JaNae Armogan's episode for the Canadian Series Spun Out airs August 25, 2015 at 8pm on CTV.  You can also see the Episode online at JaNae Armogan's Spun Out episode

JaNae Armogan did an interview for a magazine called "Caribbean Graphic" you can click the link below to read it, go to page 2
Actress JaNae Armogan Interview


Sneak peek photoshoot with the one and only Photographer Trevor Godinho

Sneak peek photoshoot and interview of Actress JaNae Armogan with photographer Michael Reid coming soon for 2015

 Sneak peek photoshoot for 2015 with photographer BABAK

 JaNae Armogan booked a role on the Comedy TV Series Spun Out

JaNae Armogan with Todd Shapiro on THE TODD SHAPIRO SHOW
on Sirius XM radio
Go to Bio & Updates to listen to interview 

 Actress JaNae Armogan will be on THE TODD SHAPIRO SHOW on
Monday September 29th 2014
check out the website at

 Actress JaNae Armogan attended Toronto Blue Jays Legend Joe Carter's Golf Tournament Charity Event in Toronto at the Shangri La Hotel.
Beautiful night as well as event

 JaNae Armogan booked and shot a Hyundia commerical for 2014

 JaNae Armogan attended George A. Romero's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD LIVE PLAY in Toronto, Co-Creator/Producers Chris Harrison and Phil Pattison with Director/Writer Chris Bond, known for the hit musical THE EVIL DEAD.

 JaNae Armogan with Writer/Director Christopher Harrison at
the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival

 CONGRATULATIONS to JaNae Armogan for her cameo role in the feature film PLEASE KILL MR. KNOW IT ALL.. That will be release next year in Canada.

Plot: An Anonymous advice columnist finds herself caught in an unlikely romance with the man who has been hired to kill her alter ego.

Has been accepted to:
Windsor International Film Festival
Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival
Montreal World Film Festival

JaNae Armogan with Film Editor Phil Pattison and Writer/Director Chris Harrison

Devil's Night Red Carpet Premiere... WHAT A NIGHT! 

 The Horror film JaNae Armogan did called "Devil's Night" will officially have a red carpet premiere on December 1st 2012 by Fangoria magazine

JaNae Armogan on The Set of Rookie Blue:
go to photo gallery to see all...

Hey all, JaNae's episodes for Rookie Blue (Girls night out) and Suits (meet the new boss) will be airing on the same day.

Rookie Blue is Thursday June 28th on Global at 10pm

Suits will be Thursday June 28th on USA Network at 10pm

 Hey all, here is a sneak peek of an interview JaNae Armogan did for a Blog site coming soon with her sister Shanna Armogan called The ThinkBlot with Esskei.

JaNae Armogan booked a part in a TV series called "SUITS"
You can watch JaNae's episode of KING online at showcase.ca or go to JaNae's reel and other work.
JaNae Armogan's episode on the TV series "KING" will be airing on
March 14, 2012.
The episode is called "Jamila Karan"
Plot: The MCTF bails out the Robbery Squad on a botched kidnapping case. King fights fellow cops, wealthy jewelers, and a ticking clock to save a young girl’s life.

JaNae Armogan
An Inspiring Model and Actress
Toronto, Ontario

Here's the link to read more

Thank you Tonya Z. Faulkner
Honoring Exceptional Woman

Here is a preview of what's to come in the CARIBBEAN GRAPHIC magazine issue 5

 JaNae will be featured in the "CARIBBEAN GRAPHIC" Magazine in the 5th issue coming out February 22nd 2012

JaNae has a NEW REEL for you to see.... go to demo reel for a peek.

 JaNae's episdoe of "THE L.A. COMPLEX" premieres January 10th on MuchMusic

 JaNae Armogan's episode of "Against the Wall" will be airing wednesday October 5th at 9pm on the Bravo channel

Here is your first look at JaNae Armogan on set of "Rookie Blue" with Charlotte Sullivan, Annie Murphy, Jackie English, and Peter Mooney.

 JaNae has booked a principle role in the TV series "KING"

JaNae has booked a large principle in the hit TV show "Rookie Blue"

Devil's Night will be screening this weekend Aug 26 - 28 2011 at the Metro Toronto Convention center

JaNae has booked a part in the TV series "Highland Gardens"

JaNae Armogan's episode of "WAREHOUSE 13" will be airing Monday July 25th at 9pm on the syfy channel go to bio for more info as well as a sneak peek of the trailer

Hugh Hefner's Playboy party in Niagara falls was a great success for 2011

JaNae has booked a part in a feature film "Please Kill Mr. Know it all"

JaNae Armogan attended a charity event in Toronto for the Blue Jays Jay's Care foundation What a Magical night. Go to Bio for more exclusive pictures.


JaNae has booked a principle role in the U.S. TV series "Against the Wall"

Here's a sneak peek on set of "Warehouse 13"

JaNae just booked a role in the TV series "Warehouse 13"

Sneak peek on the set of "Lights Out"

JaNae has booked one of the lead roles in the horror film
"Lights Out"

Here is a sneak peek on set of "CATALYST"

JaNae had booked one of the lead roles in the short film "Catalyst"


JaNae Armogan is on the cover of fashion studio7 online magazine, a magazine about life, fashion, men, music, artists and much much for. It is her first cover shoot and we mush say she had alot of fun doing it. So take a minute and go to this site to see more of this stunning up and coming actress.


you have to become a member in order to watch the gorgeous actress which I'm sure won't be a problem, she is so worth it.

JaNae Armogan will be featured as well as on the COVER of Fashion Studio 7's online fashion lifestyle magazine for the October - November issue.

JaNae Armogan helps celebrate Hugh Hefner's 50th Anniversary Playboy party as a Playboy bunny in Niagara falls at Falls View Casino.